Drinking glasses
Everything tastes even better with the right drinking glass. From a long drink glass with water to a drinking glass with your favorite drink. Our water glasses are available in the cheerful colors: green, transparent, amber and brown. The glasses lie comfortably in your hand, have a smooth finish and contain the ideal content. They are perfect for water, soft drinks or cocktails, so toast with a Rebottled glass next time!

Zero Waste Drinking glasses
What makes our water glasses extra special is that they are 100% circular. In our zero waste webshop you will only find zero waste products. Existing raw materials are used in the production of these products, such as the empty wine bottle. With the water glasses from our 4-pack, you not only put a complete set of high-quality drinking glasses on the table, but you also create the start of a good conversation. Our drinking glasses reduce CO2 emissions, water consumption and energy emissions compared to the production of new glass. In addition, we help people at a distance from the labor market find meaningful work. Do you want to buy drinking glasses with a good feeling? Choose Rebottled!

Long drink glasses
Our collection of drinking glasses has several variants, for example, in addition to our normal drinking glasses, we also have elegant long drink glasses. Thanks to its height and shape, our long drink glass lies comfortably in the hand and gives extra flair to your chosen drink. If you want to buy long drink glasses, there is plenty of choice at Rebottled, our long drinks are available in the colors: transparent, amber, green and brown.