Let’s build a circular world.

We love to consume. We buy a lot, we use a lot and the mountains of waste are growing.

The world population is also increasing. The production demand is rising, but raw materials are being used up.

We are on the right track, The Netherlands wants to be completely circular by 2050. That means: no waste and sustainable use of raw materials.

Nevertheless, 440 million wine bottles are thrown away immediately after a single use. Together, these bottles would cover the surface of more than 1600 soccer fields!

Recycling wine bottles still costs 85% (!) of the energy compared to the production of new glass.

Additionally, 40% of new glass is required for recycled glass. 

It is time for a revolution in the glass industry.

Empty bottles transformed into 100% sustainable design items, without the use of raw materials and without waste.

Waste reducing products

Dutch design items, each with their own story, comfortable in your hand and contributing to a greener planet. Need we say more?

Per glass we save 150 gr CO2 emissions and 150 liters of water

Compared to the production of new glass, we save 98% of water. Due to this upcycling process, we do not use any environmentally harmful glass ovens. And this has a significant impact on our planet.

Transparent about origin and production process

We don’t keep it a secret how we bring our products to life. From collecting the wine bottles to the final product in the packaging: our steps are clear as glass.

Power to the people

At our Factory we help people who have difficulties getting a job on the current market to find meaningful work. Happy folks, happy products!

Enough reason to feel good every time you drink out of a Rebottled glass

GET YOUR GLASSand join the movement.