The factory where the magic happens.

Started from the bottle

Our story starts with the empty wine bottle. We collect these bottles at various catering establishments and deliver them to our Rebottled Factory. Together with our talented trainees, the process from wine bottle to drinking glass starts here.

1 Collect

The journey of our drinking glasses begins with the empty wine bottle that is probably used by one of you. It starts with a ride in our electric Rebottled bus past various restaurants in the city center. Here we collect the empty wine bottles and bring them to our Rebottled Factory.


2 Reshape

In our Factory, the wine bottles are cut in half by our talented trainees to create the shape of a drinking glass. Because we receive bottles in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, every drinking glass has its own story.

3 Make them shine

Now that our drinking glasses are the right shape, it’s time to make them shine! Our trainees sand and polish the glasses so that they not only look great, but also drink perfectly.


4 Reshape

The drinking glass is almost ready, but will first be properly cleaned and then printed with the Rebottled logo. The final step is to provide the drinking glass with our specially designed Rebottled packaging.

Our trainees

At Rebottled we create jobs for people for whom it is not as easy to work. In cooperation with UW, we work with trainees in a program aimed at getting them (back) into employment. They are given the opportunity to bring out the best in themselves and be part of our movement by working at our factory. Coached by their supervisor and work coach, our trainees roll up their sleeves to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Our trainees