5 Sustainable Christmas gift tips

5 Sustainable Christmas gift tips

5 x Sustainable Christmas Gift Inspiration: for men and for women 

Christmas is almost upon us. You know what that means: consuming a lot. Food. drinks. Dessert. Even more dessert. Until you drop, or roll. And above all: lots of gifts. Gifts that in practice are often not or hardly used by the recipient. Very sinful! Christmas is the ideal time to give someone a sustainable and original gift. At Rebottled we know how to handle that. That's why we give you our five favorite (Christmas) gift tips below, with which you score high with both men and women!

Sustainable Gift Tip 1: Especially for Women 

Ladies first. Yes right? Our Rebottled Lamp is an absolute must-have for every woman. It combines the best of both worlds: wine and atmosphere. Createable atmosphere even, because this lamp contains a dimmable Philips LED lamp. With this she determines the atmosphere in the house herself. The Rebottled Lamp is made from the top of a wine bottle, has a very high quality and is 100% circular. The original thing about this gift is that no one Rebottled Lamp is the same. So you always give a unique copy that no one else has.

​​Sustainable Gift Tip 2: Especially for Men Real 

men drink whiskey. Or.. at least make an attempt. Although you can really go in all directions with the Rebottled Whiskey Tumblers 2-pack! With a 2-pack you give him a sustainable, practical and original (Christmas) gift. These stylish glasses lie smoothly in the hand, have a smooth finish and are 100% circular. Ideal for serving whiskey, but just as well water, soft drinks or cocktails.

Sustainable Gift Tip 3: The Tumbler 4-pack 

The Rebottled Tumbler 4-pack is a guaranteed successful and sustainable gift. These super stylish drinking glasses are suitable for every occasion: on the (side) table, during dinner, on your work desk or simply in your hand. With this sustainable gift you also contribute to a circular economy, and you help to create social workplaces. Cheers to that!

Sustainable Gift Tip 4: Especially for Christmas 

For the creatives among us: give him or her (or yourself) a Rebottled Mixologist Box as a gift! In this box you will find the most beautiful glasses, the most delicious mocktails and reusable straws made of glass. This way you can easily get started yourself! Tip: purchase this Mixologist Box for yourself, invite your friends and make it a wonderful first, second or third (Christmas Eve) together. Would you rather buy the straws separately? You can do that here!

Sustainable Gift Tip 5: Even More Ideas! 

Need more gift inspiration & ideas? We got you! How about this sustainable Rebottled Bottle? It is made from half wine bottles and replaces unnecessary plastic bottles. Glass is also much more hygienic than plastic, so that no crazy tastes or odors remain in the bottle. So nice. Would you rather not have a bottle, but give a nice drinking glass as a gift? Then view our Rebottled Cup 2-pack. These drinking glasses are of extremely high quality, dishwasher safe and 100% circular! For the big drinkers among us we have the Rebottled Longdrink 2-pack ready. Available in a green and transparent color. 

With Rebottled you can be sure that you are giving a sustainable and original gift. Our glasses save an average of 150 liters of water and 150 grams of CO2 emissions. Each glass is 100% circular and contributes to a sustainable world. Do you want to see all our Rebottled products? Then take a look at our shop. Happy Holidays!

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