Are Rebottled glasses dishwasher safe?

Yes, all our drinking glasses are dishwasher safe. The glass of the candle can also be put in the dishwasher after use and thorough cleaning.

Are Rebottled products printed with our logo?

Yes, our drinking glasses are printed with the Rebottled icon. These products cannot be purchased without a logo. Are you interested in having glasses printed with your own company logo? Please contact us for more information.

Can I supply Rebottled with my empty bottles?

To guarantee the quality of our products, the Rebottled factory only works with large parties that use the same type of bottles. If this is the case for you, please contact us.

Can I have a personalized glass made from my own wine bottle?

Unfortunately, that is currently not possible, because the production process in the Rebottled Factory is set on specific standard dimensions.

What requirements does Rebottled set for the wine bottles that are supplied?

To guarantee the quality of our products, the Rebottled factory workswith large parties that use the same type of bottles. Does yourbottle meet the specifications down below and are you interested insupplying us with your empty bottles? Please contact us formore information.

Color:transparent, green, brown and/or amber

Diameter: 70-76mm

Height: max. 330mm

Can I join Rebottled as a retailer or partner?

Nice to hear that you are interested in a collaboration. As Rebottled, we are always looking for organizations that want to join our movement. For more information, please contact us.

Do all the glasses look exactly the same?

Generally yes, but each bottle is unique. That means that products may vary slightly in color and shape.

How are Rebottled products packaged?

As a circular company, we focus not only on sustainable products butalso on environmentally conscious packaging. That is why your productis delivered as much as possible in our self-designed packaging madefrom recyclable material.

What can my Rebottled drinking glasses be used for?

Rebottled drinking glasses can be used for all types of cold drinks.Our bottles, however, are not fit for carbonated drinks.

Algemene Voorwaarden B2C

Algemene Voorwaarden B2C Rebottled BV.

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Algemene Voorwaarden B2B Rebottled BV.