Ons verhaal startte met de simpele vraag: 'Waarom?'

Why are we reusing beer bottles and throwing away 440 million wine bottles?

Why do we melt glass in polluting furnaces?

Why are people not aware of the high environmental impact?

Started from the bottle

And so it began; a profound fascination with the circular world. It’s 2016 when Rebottled is founded by a young entrepreneur at Enactus. His mission has remained the same to this day: to fight the waste problem in a sustainable and social way, starting with the glass industry.

One year later, he found someone crazy enough to join his mission. Together they set up a team of volunteers, friends and professionals and brought the dream to life. It soon became clear: it was not about boundaries, educational background, gender or race. It was about people with a mindset. People trying to leave something behind, so that the world will never be the same again.

team rebottled

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