Why we LOVE glass straws, and why YOU should too

Why we LOVE glass straws, and why YOU should too

Of course, we all have heard the debates about single-use straws and their damage to the environment. We have all seen photos or videos before, of animals ingesting plastic waste in the ocean, while thinking it was food, and dying from it. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to be unaware of the situation. Alone in Europe more than 25 million tons of plastic waste is generated each year (Guardian 2019) and each and everyone needs to contribute to creating less waste. 

Thankfully, the EU has made the decision to ban certain single-use plastics in 2021, plastic straws being one of the items. Therefore, many people have to find reusable alternatives now, to enjoy their chilled drinks in the summer or their favorite cocktails at a party. There are many alternatives to single-use straws to choose from, yet, we at Rebottled, love glass straws the most.

Glass straws are a reusable, sustainable straw option to plastic straws. They are dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned with a brush as well. Since the material is glass, you can always be sure that your straw is completely clean because it is transparent material. Furthermore, with glass straws you can enjoy hot and cold drinks and their original taste. Other straws such as stainless steel straws give of a metallic taste that affects your drink, but glass straws keep it all natural. 

However, glass is highly breakable and thus, the straws are not ideal to be kept in your bag on the go, when you’re on your way out. Other straws are better options if you are looking for portable straws. Yet, glass straws are our favorite reusable straws. Glass is a durable material that can also be offered in different colors, so you and your friends can distinguish your drinks by your straw color. If you need another reason, with some glass straws it’s also possible to use engravings to give the straws a unique pattern design.

Have you fallen in love with glass straws just like us? Then go try out our Rebottled glass straws from our webshop. A set contains 4 straws in clear and green and in 2 shapes, so that you and your friends always know whose drink belongs to whom. You can mix your drinks but your drinks will never get mixed up. Enjoy the original taste of your favorite drink and show your love for the planet!

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