How to celebrate Mother's Day with our tumblers in 10 different ways!

How to celebrate Mother's Day with our tumblers in 10 different ways!

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It's almost Mother's Day! Surprise your mom with a set of our best tumblers as they are upcycled from used wine bottles! This makes each glass unique, 100% circulair, and sustainable! But .. what do you do with the rest of the day? This blog gives you inspiration on how to celebrate Mother’s Day with our tumblers in 10 different ways so you can put a smile on your mother's face for the rest of the day! 

  1. Cheers!

Our tumblers are the ideal gift to toast to all the fantastic moms and all the wonderful things your mom has ever done for you!

  1. Breakfast in bed!

Start with a nice breakfast in bed. Mothers used to be in the kitchen every morning to prepare your breakfast and lunch on a school day. Now it is your chance to show your appreciation! Go big with a tasty yogurt, an egg, some bread, and a croissant! Of course, don't forget the home-squeezed orange juice served in our tumbler glass!

  1. Time to relax!

Surprise your mom with a small home spa that lasts maybe half an hour. Get some cucumber slices for the eyes, a mask for her skin, and a nice warm foot bath with some lavender or thyme for the ultimate relaxation. Don’t forget a delicious cup of tea served in one of our tumblers as a finish in touch. And of course, you can also join!

  1. Playing games

Think of that one game you used to love to play together and grab this out of the closet. But remember, even if it is Mother's Day, bring back that exciting battle of the past! If you can handle the competition, come up with a prize for the winner! Perhaps a new tumbler glass?

      5. A picnic

Surprise your mom with some quality time! During a picnic, you can catch up and eat your favorite sandwich at the same time! Besides all the food you cannot forget a jug with fruit water and some tumblers to drink it from!

  1. Nostalgia

On Mother's Day, the family comes together. Take this moment to look at some photos and videos from the past! Together you will bring back the best memories and there will certainly be a lot of laughter. Don't forget to bring out the snacks and drinks served in our tumblers!

  1. A photoshoot

Make sure that you can find this Mother's Day in the photobooks next year! To make it even more fun you can think of a colored clothing theme! Everyone picks his/her tumbler and dresses up in that color! Who did the best? 

  1. Cooking competition

Ready, set, cook! Who is a better cook: you or your mom? Prepare your mother's favorite dinner! Whether you are a dream team or creating a little mess in the kitchen, success is guaranteed! Serve it with a glass of red or white wine, and what better way to do that in an upcycled wine bottle!

  1. Cocktail time!

Serve your mother’s favorite cocktail as dessert! Soon we will launch a new blog all about the perfect cocktail recipes for in our tumbler glasses!

  1. Mother's Day speech

Moms love it! The speech cannot be sweet enough, not complimentary enough, and certainly not cute enough. It doesn't have to be a long speech, it's about the idea! When you just put effort into it, you will make your mother the happiest! And don't forget, every speech ends with a toast!

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