Are you wondering how to create the perfect whiskey cocktail? We got you!

Are you wondering how to create the perfect whiskey cocktail? We got you!

Next weekend will be the third Saturday of May, you know what that means? Call your friends and loved ones because World Whiskey Day is coming and that must be well celebrated! Let us help make this day an unforgettable moment with the best whiskey cocktail recipes and, of course, with the perfect whiskey glasses!

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Now that everyone has the perfect glasses at home, we can start thinking about the best whiskey beverage to make with your friends and loved ones. Be inspired and try to prepare them yourself!

Do you feel like a challenge or something easy?

All cocktails in this blog are marked with the difficulty level:

* You're lucky, it doesn't get any easier than this. Everything in a glass and ready!

** It’s a little more effort than just throwing it in your whiskey tumbler. 

*** The making process takes a little longer, but one thing is for sure: it is worth all your time!

Horse's neck with a kick

  • Difficulty: *
  • Requirements: whiskey or bourbon, Angostura bitters, ginger ale, lemon, and ice.

Yes, it is also possible with whiskey! Normally this drink is made with brandy, but it is also delicious with whiskey or bourbon. It's a nice fresh cocktail and the kick? It comes from the Angostura bitters.

Algonquin Cocktail

  • Difficulty: *
  • Requirements: Rye whiskey, pineapple juice, and dry vermouth.

Tip! Are you more of a fan of a less sweet tropical cocktail? You can also use unsweetened pineapple juice for those who appreciate this cocktail with a drier profile.

Jack's godfather

  • Difficulty: *
  • Requirements: Loch Lomond whiskey, Disaronno, cola, orange, and ice.

We'll stick with the sweeter cocktails for a bit. The Disaronno and Coke are a perfect duo in which the Disaronno removes the sharpness of the whiskey and the Coke adds the sweeter taste.

Apple pie

  • Difficulty: *
  • Requirements: whiskey, vanilla vodka, apple juice, and cinnamon.

Do you prefer sweets and do you like apple pie? Then you have to try this drink! It couldn't be simpler, you mix all the ingredients in a shaker and then pour it into your whiskey tumbler. Do you taste the apple pie?


  • Difficulty: **
  • Requirements: 2 types of whiskey (including Glenfiddich), fresh lemon juice, ginger syrup, honey, Angostura bitters, orange

Please note! This cocktail is addictively delicious! The combination of lemon juice and ginger syrup makes the penicillin whiskey cocktail the perfect remedy for all your problems. Most of the work is in finding all the ingredients together.

Old fashioned

  • Difficulty: **
  • Requirements: bourbon or whiskey, sugar syrup, Angostura bitters, ice, and orange.

Get your favorite whiskey out of the cupboard because you can use any type of whiskey for this cocktail. Challenge yourself and make this cocktail “the old-fashioned way"!

Whiskey sour

  • Difficulty: **
  • Requirements: whiskey, lemon juice, sugar syrup, Angostura bitters, 1 egg white, orange, maraschino smokers, and ice.

Through all these years, this old whiskey recipe has kept its tradition: garnish with half an orange slice and/or a maraschino cherry. Perfect for anyone who likes a fresh cocktail!

Bourbon coffee

  • Difficulty: ***
  • Requirements: bourbon, pecan nuts, whipped cream, brown sugar, and coffee.

This cocktail is the ultimate test of whether you are good at multitasking! While heating the bourbon and roasting the pecan nuts, you can start making a delicious fresh cup of coffee and whipping the fresh whipped cream. Could you do it?

Autumn spiced sour

  • Difficulty: ***
  • Requirements: whiskey, lemon juice, cinnamon-flavored sugar syrup, egg white, cinnamon, star anise, and cloves.

Is it autumn yet? The autumn spiced sour is strongly associated with, of course, autumn, due to the use of the autumn spices: cinnamon, cloves and, star anise. The garnish may take as long as making this delicious cocktail, making it almost too pretty to drink.

Irish coffee

  • Difficulty: ***
  • Requirements: Irish whiskey, dark brown sugar, fresh whipped cream, freshly brewed strong coffee, and cocoa powder.

A delicious coffee after dinner to prevent the after-dinner dip. Can you identify with this? If so, why not make it a delicious Irish coffee right away? As the Irish coffee is perfect to end your dinner!

Which cocktail do you like best?

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