So, you want to sell our waste-reducing products? fantastic!

Create a circular world in your store

As a retailer, you are able to influence the buying behavior of consumers: a powerful position! Are you using your power to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, waste and energy? You can enhance your product range through our socially responsible and environmentally friendly products. A good story wrapped in circular design glassware, booming in your stores offline and online.

<i>Create a</i> circular world <i>in your store</i>
We combine <i>it all</i>

We combine it all

Consumers’ taste can vary very differently. Some are looking for a special gift, while others are looking for a new interior design item. It often can be very difficult to find something. Our glassware offers many options for every occasion and every holiday. Our products have a distinctive design, a unique customer experience and suit different interior styles. We are also the ideal purchase choice for socially aware, sustainable and trendy customers. Share our vision with the world and join our mission!

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Glassware with a heart, love that style!



Rebottled's products are fun and smart. They fit in nicely with our vision; waste less. They are also fun to give and to use by everyone.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go

Rebottled supports the sustainability mission of Hyatt Regency Amsterdam by providing an upcycled product from our own waste ‚Äď wine bottles.

Hyatt Hotel

Hyatt Hotel

The collaboration with Rebottled has always lead to creative and bespoke solutions such as custom made gift packs or a Christmas tree made out of wine bottles

Hyatt Hotel

Hyatt Hotel

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