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10 Fun Activities to do in the Dark during Earth Hour

Can you imagine everyone in the world turning off their lights for one hour at the same time? Our planet would go dark, a wave of lights turning off. Well, that’s the concept of Earth Hour, initiated by WWF Australia in 2007 to raise awareness about climate change. Earth Hour encourages you to “speak up for nature” and spark conversations about our planet and how we can preserve it. This year it will take place on March 27, 8.30 pm your local time.

Now you might wonder, what can I do for one hour without electricity? Here’s our go-to activity list for you and your loved ones to spend one hour of fun in the dark together.

1. Candlelit Dinner

Of course, candles will be your best friend during Earth Hour, but they also offer you a warm and cozy atmosphere for you and your friends. You can taste some wine, cheese or chocolate and create some new memories. Cheers to a memorable dinner!

2. Get nostalgic!

If you want to become closer with your loved ones during an hour in the dark, it can also be nice to share some treasured memories of trips and holidays together. You can look at photo albums as well and reminisce over pre-corona times. 

3. Story time

Some might also be reminded of going camping and use this time to share scary stories with each other. Try to use a flashlight to create suspension and play with the shadows. This is also a fun activity to do with kids and perhaps, it will also spark your urge to go camping in the wild next time.

4. Stargazing

For all our camping friends, going stargazing is a refreshing activity to do outside. Pack enough blankets and some hot tea or hot chocolate to stay warm outside when looking at the stars. It will be a magical experience with time just flying by. Let us know how many constellations you can spot!

5. Let’s have a picnic

Another fun activity to do is an (indoor) picnic to enjoy some romance with your significant other or friends. You can easily combine it with eating and sharing stories as well.

6. Snacks & Games

Can you imagine a game night in the dark? How cool is that! Light some candles and have some snacks while playing board or card games. This will guarantee you to have a good time and laughter. 

7. Glow in the dark makeup

Some might miss getting ready for a party and putting on their best outfits and makeup. Why not use this chance to play around with glow in the dark makeup? This is a fun activity for you and your friends to paint each other’s faces and take some photos as well. Who will end up looking the best? 

8. Have a dance party!

As much as we miss parties with lots of people, you should keep this one on a small scale and party safely. Get some glow sticks and make this party the best dance party in the dark! It will boost your mood and give you lots of energy for the next day. Are you ready to shimmy the night away?

9. Play Hide-and Seek

Playing hide-and-seek is fun at any age, especially in the dark. The rules are simple: one person is counting with their eyes closed while everyone else is hiding. Can you find everyone in the dark? 

10. Reflection time

A calm activity is to use this time to reflect on yourself and your action toward a better planet. Are you taking enough action, is there something you can improve? On the other hand, you can also write a letter to yourself about your Earth Hour in 2021 and read it next year before the next one. You can give your future self some tips!

We hope you enjoyed our list of fun things to do, there’s at least one thing for everyone out there. Which activity do you want to do this year during Earth Hour? 

Find more information about Earth Hour, its history and mission here.

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